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Guitar repair shop 30 minutes north of Mont-Tremblant

Here are some good news for you, guitar lovers living up in the Laurentians. My little shop in Rivière-Rouge has been up and running since a few years but not a lot of people know about it, hence this web site. Please note that this page is temporary. I am currently working on the full English version of my French web site. Here is some of the basic information so you are aware of my service in your area!

Is your guitar not playing like it should, or doesn’t stay in tune? Are your frets worn out? Are some strings « dead » or buzzing? Does it rattle? Any of the above can likely be fixed.
What I typically do:

Truss Rod adjustment
Electrify an acoustic instrument (Piezo & EQ)
Fret work
Setup and intonation
Broken headstock repair
Body or neck replacement
Add or replace pickups and pots
Overhaul the electronic
Machine heads replacement
Pickguard replacement